VCK or the Belgian Association for Quality is a professional network with over 200 organisations that work towards growth, performance and sustainability thanks to the benefits of Quality. We connect people that want to improve from day to day through knowledge and communication.  

Our Quality DNA:

The VCK membership advantages:

Inspiration: Good Practices and new ideas are shared in the search for excellence through digital content, Quality Talks, meetings, benchmarks and our yearly Quality Day.

Networking: We connect our organisations during different events in sharing knowledge that goes across all kinds of industries and people.

Business Excellence: The search of Business Excellence of your organisation is paramount - we share it with the world through visual branding, awards and different sessions. 

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Share your knowledge

Are you a Quality Expert and do you posess unque knowledge, tools and expertise that you'd like to share with our network? Contact the director of the VCK, An Kint for more info.

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