VCK-congress 'The Future of Quality' (English version)

29 oktober 2015
10:00 tot 19:30
Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport, Diegem


The Future of Quality

On 29th October the Flemish Quality Management Center organizes a conference in Brussels on 'The Future of Quality' with speakers of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) and the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

In 2006 we successfully organized the 50th EOQ congress “Exploring new roads to transformation” in Belgium.

  In these videos quality managers from the network of the European Organisation for Quality share their vision on the future of quality management.


09:00 Welcome to participants

Conference opening 

Host: Clara De Decker


Eye on the future

Stephen Hacker - former chair of ASQ


Repositioning the quality profession

Simon Feary - CQI Chief Executive

11:00 Break

A new life for quality management 

Dr. Benedikt Sommerhoff - DGQ

12:20 Lunch

Beyond the illusion of control

Prof. dr. Marc Buelens - Vlerick Management School


Supply Chain Quality Management: a new organisational paradigm

Prof. dr. Paulo Sampaio - University of Minho

15:20 Break

Panel discussion with the speakers of the Congress led by Stephen Hacker

The winning think tank shares her recommendations on the Future of Quality

16:30 Kwinta Excellence Award ceremony (in Dutch)  

17:15 Celebration Annette Geirnaert (in Dutch)
17:30 Closing drink

All  these main sessions will be held in English. The organiser does not accept responsibility for any unforeseen changes in the schedule of speakers. 

The Dutch version of the program is available here




Stephen Hacker, former chair of ASQ

Stephen Hacker (US) is the former chair of the US quality association ASQ and CEO of Transformation Systems International. Hacker has written several books including Work Miracles, The Trust Imperative, Transformational Leadership,...

Eye on the future

To prepare for what the future brings you have to look at the power of change, envision future scenarios and foresee potential consequences. In this respect ASQ conducts a 3-yearly Future Study (and has done so since 1996) which contains essential information which helps leaders take efficient decisions. The seventh edition will be published in the course of 2015. During the session Stephen Hacker will present the remarkable findings from the study and link these findings to his know-how about transformational change.

Simon Feary - CQI Chief Executive

Simon Feary is the Chief Executive of the Chartered Quality Institute. Simon’s career has taken him from laboratory management, through transforming the International Register of Certificated Auditors, to his current role as CEO. Today he is focused on leading the quality profession to a successful future, by addressing the challenges facing the industry.

Repositioning the quality profession

Quality management had a great impact on the quality of life in the 20th century but has since lost the way. In times of higher expectations from customers and stakeholders, an increasing number of regulations and the impact of social media, the quality community has the opportunity to go back to making the difference. The CQI Competency Framework, which is structured around leadership, governance, assurance, improvement and context, offers an answer.

Dr. Benedikt Sommerhoff, DGQ

Benedikt Sommerhoff (Germany) started his career as quality engineer in the automotive industry. He has been working for the German quality association DGQ for 17 years now. He got his PhD in 2012 with a study on the transformation of the profession of quality managers.

  Watch the video interview: "The transformation towards the future Quality Manager"

A new life for quality management

Quality management threatens to lose its importance and effectiveness. The brand is weak and is not always positively perceived. On the other hand, profound and frequent changes are taking place in organisations as a result of the digital revolution, globalisation, changing markets and customer attitude. Though quality remains a factor of success.
Sommerhoff outlines the future of quality management which will enable quality managers to guarantee high quality and have more influence within the organisation. He sees quality management as organisational development and quality managers as change agents, internal consultants and organisational developers.
Quality care and quality management must be divided in 2 related branches, each requiring a different kind of know-how. That is why the functional profiles of both branches need to be redefined.

Marc Buelens

Professor Dr. Marc Buelens, Vlerick Management School

Marc Buelens is professor emeritus at Vlerick Business School and has written several books including "Bye bye management", "Essentials - Leadership", "Business Management",...

Beyond the illusion of control

When will humanity learn that thinking in terms of quality can also be extrapolated to other areas of society? Why do we continue to follow charlatans? Why is superstition still booming? Are we really unable to cope with insecurity and coincidence?

Professor Dr. Paulo Sampaio, Minho university

Professor Dr. Paulo Sampaio is quality engineering and manager lecturer at the Portuguese university of Minho.

 Watch the video interview: The Future of Quality

Supply Chain Quality Management: a new organisational paradigm

Integrating chain partners boosts the performance of the organisation. Sampaio studies and explains the relations between the different dimensions of the Supply Chain Quality Management and their impact on the performance of the organisation, on the basis of the 4 perspectives of the balanced scorecard



Conference venue

Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport
Culliganlaan 4b
1831 Machelen (Diegem)

Free wifi is available in the hotel.

Book a room

To book a room at the conference venue: make a reservation online or contact the reservation desk: reservations [at] brussels [dot] valk [dot] com or call +32 2 277 20 20. 

Route description

  • Just 5 km away from Brussels International Airport in Zaventem
  • Free parking for 200 cars
  • Train station from Diegem on 500 m distance (train line Brussels/Leuven)
  • Accessible by bus (lines 272 - 282 - 620 - 621 - 721)

Free shuttle service from the airport to the hotel

  • Shuttle between Brussels airport in Zaventem and the hotel from monday to friday from 06:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Check with the hotel if you want to use the free shuttle service (max. 8 persons at a time): reservations [at] brussels [dot] valk [dot] com or call +32 2 277 20 20. 




As a non-member the registration fee is € 605 (€ 500 + 21% VAT). Register for this conference

Members from VCK/Kwinta can attend the conference for free. Membership is only for companies in Belgium and the Netherlands because all of the benefits of the membership are in Dutch.

If you want more information, please contact Ms Annette Geirnaert: geirnaert [at] vck [dot] be or call +32 3 201 14 51.



Conference 'The Future of Quality'
29th October 2015 @ Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport, Belgium

Please contact our office manager Marjolijn De Geest if you have further questions: degeest [at] vck [dot] be or call +32 3 201 14 50.

29/10/2015 - 10:00 tot 19:30
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