VCK Quality Talk - The impact of Customer Journeys on Customer Experience

11 maart 2021
16:00 tot 17:30

How quality can have a live-changing impact

For decades we the Quality professionals have successfully applied Quality and Excellence principles, concepts, strategies to help commercial businesses improve performance, become competitive and attain market leadership. While businesses have benefited immensely from application of Quality techniques,  organizations from Social sector, and committed to serve vulnerable segments of the society, have not had the opportunity to apply Quality & Excellence techniques to the same extent as commercial businesses. 

Over the last 10 years,  mr. Sunil Thawani has applied principles and techniques of Quality and Excellence in several social organizations focused on “Children Without Parental Care”, “Social Housing Program”, “People of Determination (Differently Abled People”), “Digitizing Government Services for Citizens and Residents” etc. These organization and initiatives contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) such as Good Health (SDG # 3), Quality Education (SDG # 4), Gender Equality (SDG#5), Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG#11) etc.

This Quality Talk will demonstrate the Quality techniques that can be effectively deployed even in noncommercial / Not for Profit organizations and how they can contribute to society:

  • Identifying Customer Needs and Expectations, Customer segmentation
  • Mapping Customer Journeys from Receiving the child and his/ her comprehensive development into adulthood and inclusion in society
  • Developing Services (Services Manual) in line with customer needs and expectations
  • Developing policies and processes to deliver desired services
  • Adapting best practices from Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children issued by United Nations
  • Integrating laws, regulations, organization mandate into services and management systems
  • Adoption of international standards like ISO:9001 (Quality), 31000 (Risk), EFQM

Mr. Sunil Thawani

Mr. Sunil Thawani is an Author, Speaker, Board Member, Fellow, American Society for Quality (ASQ) & CEO of Quality Indeed Consulting Ltd., U.A.E. Sunil is recipient of prestigious ASQ Lancaster Medal for his dedication and outstanding contributions to the International Fraternity of Quality Professionals. Sunil has assisted many organizations from diverse sectors of the economy to implement principles and frameworks like EFQM, UAE’s 4th Generation Model etc, to improve performance, customer experience, governance etc.

His current focus and passion is helping organizations focused on supporting vulnerable segments of the society like providing Alternate Care to Children, National Housing programs for needy and applying principles and concepts of quality & excellence. He actively promotes United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 in community.

Quality Talks

Quality Talks are webinars where we invite our participants to interact with the presenter at the end of presentation to enhance interaction and to open up discussion. This means that we will actively make time to discuss the topic and open up to new ideas between speaker and presenter.

Praktisch/Practical info

Members of the VCK and the HKSQ can register for free. The event will last for 1 hour with at least 15 minutes of questions amd dialogue. Register underneath.

Leden van het VCK schrijven zich gratis in op dit (Engelstalige) event via onderstaande link. Het event duurt 1u waarbij er 15 minuten wordt voorzien voor vragen en dialoog.

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11/03/2021 - 16:00 tot 17:30
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