Webinar - Top 3 Industry Best Practices that will Transform How you Manage Your Suppliers door Sophia Finn

14 mei 2020
16:00 tot 17:00

“Managing suppliers is one of the hardest activities. Establishing the right processes are crucial to ensuring an effective process.” - Sophia Finn

Effectiveness in highly regulated environments

Sophia Finn, director of strategy for QualityOne, will share the top 3 industry best practices gathered from organizations in highly regulated industries, and show how companies like yours can achieve enhanced supplier engagement, visibility, and accountability. 

This is what you can expect during this webinar: 

  1. Learn how modern technology can transform your supplier interactions
  2. Discover best practices for a risk-based approach to managing suppliers
  3. Find out how establishing and reinforcing clear communication is critical in supplier training

Who is Sophia Finn? 

As director of strategy for QualityOne, Sophia is the team’s resident quality subject matter expert and is responsible for developing thought leadership content, industry influence strategies, and sales and marketing collateral to drive brand awareness and product adoption. Sophia brings to the team over 10 years of direct quality experience in regulated industries.

She began her career with the FDA working in CBER’s vaccine lot release program and later moved to the FDA’s office of regulatory affairs as a regulatory microbiologist. Additionally, Sophia has managed CAPA, complaints, audit, and deviation programs in the medical device industry.

Sophia has a master of science in bioscience in regulatory affairs from Johns Hopkins University and is an ASQ Certified Quality Auditor.


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14/05/2020 - 16:00 tot 17:00
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