MQQ & VCK: Good practices across the Atlantic

A great meeting with our colleagues from Canada!

On Thursday 23d of September, we joined with 'Le Mouvement Quebécois de la Qualité' for an international meeting of good practices. Olympus NDT Canada, Pfizer Belgium and Tafisa Canada presented some incredibly insightful cases!


MQQ (Mouvement Quebécois de la Qualité) supports organizations to explore, implement and share best business practices to improve their efficiency in their respective sectors. A vision that aligns perfectly with VCK. Based in Canada they can be perceived as our bigger sister with over 700 member organisations and over 115 annual network meetings. Want to know more about MQQ? Check out their website: (in French).

Good Practices during turbulent times

On Thursday the 23d of September our 2 networks came together to share their best practices. It became a wonderful meeting with thorough insights on how to motivate people and how to create awareness about quality from within every employee of the company. The 3 cases that we had the privilege to discover were:

  1. Olympus NDT (non destructive testing) Canada: The Eureka Project

    This unique project started 10 years ago. Employees are motivated to share their ideas and pitch them indirectly to their management. Participation levels after 10 years are still sky-high thanks to an incredible implementation rate of 96%!  Ideas of the month and digitalisation. Over these 10 years, they have received and implemented over 5000 ideas!

  2. Pfizer Puurs Belgium: ELZA (Every Lot, Zero Abnormalities) 

    This project started 10 years ago with a real-life mascot, ELZA, and turns the everyday work at Pfizer more humane. It lays emphasis on the responsibility of every employee and it creates awareness by personifying quality and showing the incredible impact their products have on the patients. With incredible results as a consequence: zero lots have been retained or cancelled during the fabrication of the manufacturing of the Covid 19 vaccines, which. remains to have a global impact. 

  3. Tafisa Canada: IoW (Improving our Work) Program

    This program by one of the largest particleboard manufacturers in the world dives into every possible aspect of continuous improvement in their organisation in a very short amount of time. In 2015 they started organising their teams and spaces, afterwards, they began to coach their employees with best practices and standards, and in a final level began to incorporate problem-solving throughout their organisation. They have improved the way they work drastically, making their organisation more sustainable and qualitative in every way.

VCK likes to thank MQQ for this very enlightening meeting and the opportunity to share these cases on an international level. Hope to see you again in 2022!

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