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Het Europese kwaliteitscongres nam dit jaar kwaliteit als drijvende kracht voor succes in het digitale tijdperk onder de loep. We vroegen Patrick Mongillon van het Franse AQM welke ideeën bij hem zijn blijven hangen.

foto door Dr. Drago PaplerTim Cole – Digital transformation

I was impressed in Helsinki by the presentation of Robert Tercek "Vaporized" (a good book to read). Tim Cole give us 3 big trends: digitalisation, connection and mobility. Certainly we have them in mind but it's good to reformulate them.

The transformation from analog to digital and digital to networked is well illustrated: marketing 1.0 to 3.0, shopping 1.0 to 3.0, logistics 1.0 to 3.0 and same for manufacturing, IT. We can see it in our everyday life. What to do in this movement? Time propose 3 actions: listen your customers (dont’ stop), react (quick) and move on (change). Change is either a threat or an opportunity, it depends on you.

Niklas Blomqvist – What is the future for quality management?

Continuous improvement needs learning through:

  • The structure (for me hardware): how the business is controlled
  • The strategy (for me software): how to achieve the objectives and vision
  • The culture (for me humanware): passion and will to perform

You need to be more aligned

  • Structure with mind alignment: the organizational structure and systems where people fits, where performance goals and strategies are clear
  • Culture with heart alignment: the emotional attachment of people of all levels to the vision, mission, purpose and values of the company
  • Strategy with systematic way of working: the practical way to work to reach the comany’s goals and fulfill the objectives

Please be aligned!

Geert Roelens – Quality made in China is the new normal?

Roelens alerts us about the profound transformations currently in China on the quality. Be aware of the new normal and from "Made in China" to "Created in China". For me it changes everything. China is improving standards and quality of consumer goods. A plan focuses on 9 majors sectors and by 2020 400 demonstrations enterprises will be set up to improve the quality of import and export consumer goods. Made in China 2025 inspired by industry 4.0 plan will transform China into a world manufactory power. Be vigilant.
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