VCK Privacy Policy

The Flemish Centre for Quality Assurance (VCK) attaches great importance to the careful and transparent handling of your data. Personal data is therefore carefully processed and secured. In doing so, we comply – to the maximum extent – with the law and regulations on the protection of personal data.

Concerns about how to handle your privacy correctly will continuously be integrated into our processes and we will systematically close any gaps. We therefore expressly invite you to share your concerns, questions and feedback with us so that we can take them into account.

When, in this privacy policy, we talk about ‘us’ or ‘our”, we are talking about VCK.

What personal data do we store?

In the first place, we address you in your professional capacity. In other words, we only collect data with professional relevance.

We store general personal information: your name, company address, telephone number, company name, e-mail address, company website, company number, how we met, what activities you participated in and what arrangements we have made in the meantime. We also record the challenges you would like to discuss with colleagues from other organisations or companies and the expertise you have that you would like to share with other members.

If you wish to receive our communications via a private address or private e-mail address, you also give us your unambiguous and express consent to treat this data the same as professional e-mail addresses.

How do your personal data end up with us?

Our organisation has existed for more than 30 years and we can no longer find out for each contact individually how exactly we got to know each other. If your details are in our database, this means that the VCK has been in contact with you, or one of your colleagues, in the past and/or that you or one of your colleagues found it useful to get information from us. This contact may have taken place via telephone, e-mail, social media or a personal meeting. In principle, all contacts in our CRM system receive the information we distribute.

Where do we store personal data?

The relevant data is stored in a number of systems, such as Efficy (our CRM system), Flexmail, etc. We monitor these systems to ensure that unauthorised persons do not have access to this information.

There are a number of tools linked to our website that monitor web traffic. This data only serves to understand how long visitors stay on our site, what their interests are.

In organising our digital activities online, VCK uses external online tools. We trust the privacy statements of these third-party tools to secure the data of our members and other participants. Please be aware that your name and first name might be visible when using these digital tools. 

When we send mailings and newsletters, we can see which article interested you. Sometimes we contact you in connection with other initiatives related to that interest.

If you are a candidate for the VCK Business Excellence Award, or if you participate in a project such as K2, the content of your application or project will be transferred to our computers and server. Both the computers and the server are secured to prevent unauthorised access. The juries will sign a confidentiality clause. The candidacy records for the Award are stored for 5 years.

Your digital behaviour on our website and our newsletter will be monitored, stored and secured by the tools that are appointed to do so.

What do we use personal information for?

Information is used for the following purposes:

  • To create quotations
  • To optimally perform the services offered
  • To draw up a contract as soon as there is an agreement to work together
  • To send invoices after finalising an order
  • To inform you about our services via our newsletters
  • To improve our services

Legal basis of the processing of personal information

  • Justified interest
  • Conclusion and/or performance of an agreement
  • Compliance with the law

When will data be shared?

We are a facilitating organisation. This means that we put a lot of effort into the available talents and expertise of our network and want to create added value by bringing parties into contact with each other based on matching professional needs and available expertise. Sometimes this is face-to-face, but we regularly establish contacts over the telephone or with digital means. If you do not like it that we pass your name on to other members based on your professional expertise, please let us know and we will not do so.

When implementing some projects or processes, we sometimes call upon a third party. We aim to conclude a confidentiality clause or a processor's agreement with third parties in line with VCK’s privacy policy. At this time we have not yet concluded such an agreement with all the parties we cooperate with.

At events that we organise (alone or with others), we notice that participants appreciate receiving a list of participants. These lists shall include the name, first name, position and company name of the registered participants. If you prefer not to be mentioned, you can let us know and we will not include you.

We do not buy or sell any personal data.

We also share personal data with the government if there is a legal basis for doing so.

How can you access the personal information about you that we store?

You can easily request the information by sending an e-mail tovck [at] vck [dot] be ( vck [at] vck [dot] be). In that case we will provide you with a printout or screenshot of your data in our CRM systems, cloud systems and hard drives. In the same way you can also ask us not to keep certain information any longer. We will always keep your name and the note that you have requested this.

How do we secure your personal data?

The VCK has taken all technical and organisational initiatives for maximum security of your data, making sure no unauthorised parties can access it.

What data do we store when our website is visited?

Our website is able to collect cookies. For our web analysis we use a number of tools to evaluate surfing behaviour. No personal data will be shown or used here.

In the website’s closed section (Member zone) we can see each month whether you have logged in or not. We use this information to assess the extent to which our offer meets the needs of the network and to develop initiatives that encourage members to make use of the full range of our services.

Information about children

Our network is very explicitly aimed at professionals and not at minors. Therefore, we do not collect data from minors.

Information that you publish yourself or share with third parties

If you provide personal information to third parties, we are not responsible for what they do with your information. There are many ways to make personal data public, either with or without being aware of it, through social media. So, always think carefully before you share personal information on the internet. Please check the privacy policies of the companies involved or ask for them.

How long do we store your personal information?

We keep your personal data as long as necessary to provide you with our services and/or in accordance with legal obligations. You can ask us at any time to erase your data, which we keep on the legal basis of the legitimate interest. You can do so by e-mail (an [dot] kint [at] vck [dot] be) or by letter (Vlaams Centrum voor Kwaliteit, Molenbergstraat 10 bus 25, 2000 Antwerpen). For administrative reasons, we will still keep your name and first name after erasing your data. Your data will not be erased either from documents created prior to your request for erasure, like reports, accounting records, etc. We do, however, aim to keep as few documents as possible that are no longer of any current use.

When will the privacy policy be updated?

Depending on the legal and practical developments regarding privacy, we will also adjust our policy. This privacy policy was drawn up on 30 May 2018.

You can always find the most recent version of our policy on this page. Updates will also be sent to our network by e-mail.

As mentioned above, we actively invite everyone to share any questions and feedback they may have about this privacy statement with us. We will make every endeavour to assist you.

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